The Building Process 

Jaw Construction is not a “cookie cutter “builder of residential homes ,we were  formed on the bases of listening to and working with our Clients in a very personalised setting to develop individualised plans on time and on budget

Our Personalised Process

  • First initial Meeting generally takes place at our Showhome, it gives us plenty to look at and
    compare to. This doesn’t mean it has to take place at the showhome, if you have kids or are more
    comfortable in your own surroundings then we are more than happy to come to you. People at this
    meeting is Jason the Owner of JAW Construction and our Architectural Draughtsman Will Dickinson.
    We will discuss your wish list and get a feel for your main requirements.
  • Once we have completed that meeting, Will takes all the info away, makes a site visit to your
    section and produces concept plans. This is approximately a 2 week process, Will doesn’t just
    design something that fits on your site and has the right amount of bedrooms, he really thinks
    about all relevant information provided, prevailing weather, sun direction, your needs versus the
  •  We then meet again as Will takes you through your plan room by room allowing you to ask as many
    questions as you need to. During this meeting we will also discuss some pricing points, type of
    finishes etc.
  •  The next Steps are the changes, we allow you to make as many changes as you like to the current
    plan. You also get a checklist/questionnaire that we require you to fill out to gather as much
    information so we can get an accurate estimate together.
  • We then meet again to discuss completed changes, at this point we will also provide the estimate
    to build your home.
  • Before moving to the next stage we require you to sign our short form agreement, this short form
    agreement is a standard Master Builders guided agreement explaining that we have not yet
    entered into a full contract and you would like us to provide a full set of pricing plans and a fixed
    price offer.
  • Once this agreement is signed we can produce the full pricing set, send to all of our suppliers.
  • We then sit down with Steve from Cabinet Craft & Design your Kitchen, Scullery, Laundry and all
    Wardrobes or storage, office space if you have one. We visit our flooring suppliers, bathrooms,
    everything needed to complete the fixed price contract. If you would like to do this yourself we are
    more than happy with that also, what we are also open to is the homeowner using people they
    know in any trade positions or suppliers.
  • The above Process can take between 2 & 3 Weeks.
  • We then present a Fixed Price offer and go through our Inclusions List, we will also discuss the
    Payment Schedule with you.
  • If you are happy to proceed, we will draw up the paperwork for you to sign and provide you with all
    information regarding our Master Builders Guarantee. For us to proceed to council we will require a
    small deposit this amount depends on your contract total.
  • Next exciting step is to complete the plans, GeoTech Report any engineering required, foundation
  • Then we will submit the plans to council upon your approval, the timeline with the council is
    approximately 21 working days depending on their workload.
  • Once consent is issued we require the remaining Deposit paid in full and we will start our planning
    process and provide you a start and finish date.

The Building Process

We will invite you for a site meeting on the day we break ground, this is not only to involve you in the process but to
go over the site safety requirements. The reason we do the safety side of things is because we encourage you to
complete as many site visits as you like, but you need to know the dangers of a construction site.
Jason is on the tools on a day to day basis and will be the site Foreman, Project Supervisor, and everything in
between. Jess is always heavily involved also with social media (we like to keep our facebook page ticking over) Jess
also does a lot in the background to support Jason with replying to emails, organising & general daily running of the


  • Digout & site scrape (building envelope only unless agreed prior)
  • Backfill
  • Waste Pipes
  • Boxing & Steel
  • Pour the floor
  • Frames & Trusses
  • Roof
  • Wrap, Soffit & window installation
  • Cladding
  • Pre wire & pre Plumb
  • Insulation
  • Interior Linings
  • Plasterer
  • Finishing Lines inc Doors
  • Painter
  • Kitchens & Bathrooms
  • Electrical & Plumbing fit off
  • Flooring
  • Commercial Clean
  • Code of Compliance Inspection
  • Handover